Do you ever wonder why you're not achieving your desired results? It's because you’re doing something wrong. You have to keep your body guessing and follow a plan. The Titan has got you covered

  •  3 ONE-ON-ONE Skype sessions with the legendary Mike O’Hearn
  •  A custom training plan
  •  A custom nutrition plan
  •  Contest Prep
  •  Both plans are tailored to you specifically


Decided it was time to lose the baby weight. She contacted me looking for training and nutrition advice. We got right to work and within 10 weeks she was on stage competing. She is a mother of 2, a wife and works daily. She is the perfect example of someone who has a goal and the determination along with commitment to achieve.



Had goals to compete. Within 12 weeks of starting with me, Chris entered his first show and placed as first runner up. We are still going strong to this day.



A 44 year old businessman came to me wanting to make a change. 8 weeks after starting with me, he was able to go from 240 pounds to 180 pounds and is much stronger. This goes to show you it is never too late to start.



Nico battled bone cancer and had his left shoulder removed. He survived and came to me with a vision of achieving an amazing body regardless of the unfortunate events that had happened. We trained together for 1 year. Check out the results. If Nico can do it, so can you!


In order to achieve your dream body, we recommend you stick with The Titan Package for at least 12 weeks.

What are you waiting for? Get off your ass!